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The Cock Bloc Bravo is designed to fit handguns with smaller diameter operations rod or even no operation rod at all. The Cock Bloc comes in two designs. The man difference between them is the Bravo Bloc has two holes in the face. The top hole to allow your barrel clearance, and bottom to allow smaller diameter operations rods to fit into the receiver.

Handguns are available in hundreds of different designs, from a wide variety of manufacturers. Each manufacturer does something a little differently. The operations rod (guide rod) on each gun can vary in diameter and length. In some models, the recoil spring is around the barrel of the gun and there is no operation rod.

Determining which Cock Bloc works best with your gun is as easy as inspecting the muzzle of the weapon.

When inspecting the front of your gun, the circular hole at the top of the gun muzzle is the barrel. The top barrel will fit into the receiving hole on the Cock Bloc.

The smaller circle beneath the barrel is the operation rod. The outside diameter (OD) of the operation rod determines whether or not your gun fits the Alpha or the Bravo.

If your operation rod is smaller in size than the OD of the barrel, your gun will use the Cock Bloc Bravo. If your gun does not have a protruding operation rod, the Bravo will work best with your gun. The additional ledge on the bottom of the Bravo provides additional stability and support.

If you have questions about which bloc best fits your gun, we can be reached at 337-519-5428.

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