The Cock Bloc

The Cock Bloc is a slide rack assist device designed to aid the user in racking the slide of an automatic handgun.

George Fournet - USMCIt was designed by George Fournet, a firearms and concealed carry instructor at The Post Exchange in Youngsville, Louisiana. George attended the Marine Military Academy, served in the United States Marine Corps and worked for the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office. He competed on the Rifle Team at the Marine Academy and still enjoys taking part in shooting matches. He has years of experience instructing others in the safe use of firearms.

The Cock Bloc was conceptualized after several of George’s clients complained about having difficulties in pulling back the slide on a automatic handguns. The amount of tension necessary to manipulate the slide on a handgun can vary greatly depending upon the size of the gun. The recoil spring tension on a 9mm can average between 16-22 pounds, and the larger caliber guns can require even more effort.

Cock Bloc | Slide Rack Assist | RowThe amount of grip strength and physical exertion necessary to rack a gun slide can be too much for people suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other hand and wrist injuries. Women and men with slighter physiques and less overall strength often find it challenging to smoothly manipulate a gun slide. Some of the slides on newer guns are incredibly stiff and difficult to maneuver. The addition of oil from cleanings and sweaty palms from the anxiety of a stressful situation only make the pulling the slide more challenging. The more a person struggles with the slide, the more likely they are to pinch themselves in the slide or have a malfunction in loading.

Cock Bloc | Slide Rack Assist Slide Rack Assist Device

Upon realizing this is a common difficulty among his clients, George began searching for a solution that is safe, effective and easy to use. He could not find anything that met his requirements. So he invented his own slide rack assist device, the Cock Bloc!

A Bloc that Cocks your gun for you! The Cock Bloc is made from heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic. There are two versions of the Cock Bloc. They are designed to fit the muzzle of nearly every automatic handgun. The Alpha Bloc is designed for pistols with a larger diameter operations rod. Guns with smaller diameter operation rods are better suited for the Bravo Bloc which provides additional support to stabilize the pistol.

The Cock Bloc is incredibly easy to use and is an effective means of safely loading or ejecting rounds from a handgun. Simply place the muzzle of your firearm into the Cock Bloc, and use your body weight to push down, bringing the slide to the rear. Simple!

Your Cock Blocs can be kept loose in your safe or range bag, in the truck, next to the bed stand, anywhere you store your firearm or mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface.

The Cock Bloc is 100% Made in the U.S.A.

If you have questions about which bloc best fits your gun, we can be reached at 337-519-5428.

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